“Art is making something YOU like and leaving it that way” ….Frank Babb

Beader’s Yoga: Tree Pose…

August 19, 2018

A beader is never so still and rooted into the earth as when standing at the seed bead racks in a bead store. Your mind is buzzing with creative options – Does this shade match my project? What about this shade? Do I have that color already? I don’t need that one but I might…someday. I’d better get it. How many tubes can I afford today? I’ve had friendly bead store gurus come up to me and say: “Go get some lunch, honey. You can’t bead shop with low blood sugar.” True!

Beader’s Yoga: Bead Down Dog

Sunday, August 18. 2018

I have a few more of these coming. They are kind of bouncing around in my head like spilled beads. If you’re a beader you will relate to this. Yesterday, I spilled a whole bottle of 100 Swarovski crystals on the floor aound my “beaders” chair. Normally, I would say..”Meh, offering to the floor gods. But Swarovski’s?! And needed in the project I am finishing? Ooh no. So, I moved the chair and picked up every one I could find. Funny, I found about 300 beads. Do they multiply when they hit the ground? Hmmmm. 

Need help with the caption – is “Bead downward dog” better? Or is “Downward Bead Dog” Better? Happy to get ideas for other cartoons in this series.

Lanyard lady…

Monday, August 13, 2018

Well, it is August and I am busy making lanyards. Other designers probably go through the same thing. You make one and then you have to make one in all the colors.  Peyote tubes a plenty.  Lanyards have always been fun for me because I’ve worked in clinics and hospitals where we had to wear a security badge every day.  I wanted something beautiful and expressive. Colorful.  In fact, my first Etsy purchase was a beaded lanyard and I literally wore it out. One day it broke and beads flew everywhere. So, I vowed to make my lanyards strong enough not to do that. The first one I made had a focal of a heart shaped snowflake obsidian – with  micro-macrame knotted black waxed linen and snowflake obsidian beads. Black goes with everything – so I wear it the most. And I love it. The great thing about snowflake obsidian is that it is very grounding. Protective. First chakra. Strong. Good for protection at work. The only drawback is that those little white spots and swirls you see in the glassy stone – they are like karma trying to pull up your issues to work on. I think that’s a good thing – I want to work on my issues. But it may not be for everyone.  Another favorite is my rose quartz with pink irish waxed linen. So cute! And, of course, my green aventurine with brown waxed linen. Very earthy.

Then I started making lariat lanyards. They’ve been fun! They have the advantage that you can adjust the length of it so it hits you just right on your chest. You just have those dangling ends to deal with. There’s also no clasp to break. And oddly enough, they don’t look like they’d be stable but they do sit well around your neck. My whale tale lariat lanyards have been very popular – and I have more coming out soon.  Let’s see – red turtle with black and red peyote tubes. Mermaid lanyard. Unicorn lanyard.

 also lan·iard  (lăn′yərd)n.1. Nautical A short rope or gasket used for fastening something or securing rigging.
2. A cord worn around the neck for carrying something, such as a knife or whistle.
3. A cord with a hook at one end used to fire a cannon.

Stay tuned!

I’m just going to leave this here…

August 12, 2018

I don’t know why, but this guy makes me happy. 
Lake Crescent in Washington State. 
Amazing nature
Lake Crescent in Washington state

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