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Art, Design, and Photography

by Susan Richey


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Welcome to Soothsayer Design by Susan Richey

Soothsayer Design is the title of my Etsy store where my beaded  or woven jewelry, bags, or wearable art is available for purchase. My materials are leather, glass beads, semiprecious gemstones, fibers, paint, clay, and resin.

What is a Soothsayer?  To me - it is a simply a "truth teller" - someone who identifies deep truths and is courageous enough to express the truth.  Whatever the historical connotations of the word - I simply mean it to be someone who identifies with the truths of the world - whether they are perceived as "real" or not, they live in our consciousness.  The symbolism is meant to tap into cultural archetypes for our benefit.



Share your thoughts....

Send me a message or post in my blog. I am happy to discuss custom work. And if you want to use a piece of my art in your project - just message me and let me know the purpose. Donations are accepted through my Paypal account.

Otherwise, all the art and jewelry on my page is my own personal intellectual property and protected under copyright protections.